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Amaniyea Payne

Amaniyea (Pamela) Payne for over fifty years have built an impressive career and is a viable artistic force in the field of dance and is recognized for her many talents in the global dance communities as dancer, singer, consultant, researcher, director, mentor, producer, choreographer, arts educator, costume designer, healer and humanitarian.

Known to many in the African Dance genre as a “National Treasure”, Amaniyea have been the recipient of many awards, which speaks to her career achievements. As an artist extraordinaire, her style of dance evolves from natural rhythmic movements based and influenced by dances and cultures of the African Diasporas.

She has studied/trained, performed and toured globally with prominent companies and well-known music and dance legends, such as Stevie Wonder, Cab Calloway, Ben Harper, Bunny Wailers, Lindy-hop innovators Norma Miller, Frankie Manning, Momma Lou Parks, Mickey Davidson and Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago to name a few.

In her long-life learning pursuits Ms. Payne have collaborated with artists and organizations in the field of education, mentorship, cultural and performing arts throughout the Diasporas, focusing on finding new ways to translate dance for the stage while also preserving and respecting traditional parameters for performance.

Having a deep sense of responsibility to honor the legacy of great expressions of dance, Amaniyea respectfully continues to provide uplifting cultural initiatives to various communities including youth, teens and adults that aids in the development of the future generations of dancers/artists who will carry the aesthetic and spiritual base of African Centered Movements as it relates to World Dance.