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Makeda Roney


dance is not an identity. it is a language [of expression].

“Hello. My name is Makeda Roney and I am a dancer/movement artist”
“Hello. My name is Makeda Roney and I am a soul experiencing life as a human and I speak the language of dance to connect, express and share/pass on energetic codes”

two different introductions I have been queering.

. . . .
am i more than just this identity of a dancer/dance artist?..
yes, actually.
we ALL are, actually. that is, if we choose to connect deeper than our stories we tell ourselves that we are (aka identities).

choosing to take off our blinders, open our lens and see that we are much bigger than this dance artist identity we [unconsciously] put ourselves in, would not only liberate us as soul beings in this human experience but also inform and strengthen our practice and relationship within our dance/movement artist bodies, lives and expressions.

yes, it’s beautiful connecting to the dance artist experience. Yet it can be even more full connecting to the human experience and most beautiful and full connecting to the understanding that at the core we are all multi-faceted, multi-dimensional souls that cannot be limited to a box of an identity because we are limitless.

Not just a student to our craft/our art, but also a student to life and our expansion within this experience we are having; the journey of remembering who we really are, past these identities we place on each other and ourselves…

so far within the growth of my dance/movement expression, i’ve learned that this small understanding allows pure expression through the language of dance to be most honest, deep, powerful, impactful AND sustainable.

… Keep wandering <3

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